Today, we need to rethink this space, in which we have been established since 2013.

It seems urgent to no longer oppose nature and culture. To work on a project that thinks art, social and environment together. Breaking down barriers between practices, generations, and social backgrounds is a necessary condition to fight against this age of the anthropocene in which we are all caught up. To fight against entropy means to invent, to create, and we wish to bring to life a place of experimentation, work, transmission, and encounter. It seems necessary to us to use the experience and the strength of Baro d’evel’s universe to create an unusual place, a space of freedom, attempts and making.

We think of this singular place, with its multiple spaces, as an infinite source of exploration, research and creation in situ. We wish to invite visual artists, painters, scenographers, musicians, authors, acrobats, builders, graphic artists, designers… But also winemakers, vegetable producers, philosophers, cooks, herbalists, osteopaths, architects, booksellers… The richness and diversity of the points of view and practices of all these artists, craftsmen can only deploy a creative energy, an exchange of knowledge and doubts necessary for thinking about the living.

We wish to be as close as possible to thinking about spaces, materials, and energy and environmental issues. We want to work on the transformation of this building, on its rehabilitation into an environmentally responsible place.

We want to develop a work of social action with workshops of practice and transmission, using the richness and the know-how of the artists of the company to allow everyone to live new experiences.

We dream of this place as a place of synergy, where we could, depending on the day, share a creative step with an artist, participate in the cutting of a vine, fill our basket of the week, see a movie, bring our child to a workshop around movement, or attend a show of international renown.

We want this place to embody the new utopias necessary for our time. May it participate in connecting people and respond to our vital need to feel connected to others; may it be in the image of our existences, that is to say, existences of transformation.

Camille Decourtye and Blaï Mateu Trias
Lavelanet de Comminges

La Cave
1382 Garagnon
31220 Lavelanet-de-Comminges

Located in Lavelanet-de-Comminges, 50 km south of Toulouse, this former cooperative cellar rehabilitated in 2013 for our needs is now the nest of the company. With its inspiring spaces for creation, its outdoor space to plant our caravans and mount the circus tent, it is the ideal storage place for our equipment and travelling circus, and a perfect rehearsal and research area. It also allows us to welcome companies for their work of research.
The company builds its creations in equipped theatres and creation localities, but we regularly come back to our headquarters to carry out plastic and artistic research, which we offer to the public in the form of outdoor events, bringing together a large audience.
We are currently working with different partners to undertake a rehabilitation of the building as a whole in order to make the cooperative cellar a larger space for hosting, research, creation and collaboration, more adapted to a diversity of practices and more open and present on the territory.

The place is owned by the SIVOM of Rieux-Volvestre, and has been made available to us as from January 2013. It was first rehabilitated in conjunction with the Pays du Sud-Toulousain, and financed by the Conseil régional Midi-Pyrénées and the Conseil départemental de la Haute-Garonne.

Photos: François Passerini et Arthur Bramao

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