Creator of Baro d’evel, Camille Decourtye is the author and performer of all the company’s shows. From her childhood with horses, made of traveling in trailers and on horseback, she keeps the need to invent a way of life and research that will meet her need for movement and encounters. This led her to train in the national circus schools and to develop a work of experimentation on movement and voice. She continues to refine her bond and collaboration with the animals with which she lives based on the principles of ethology. Her need to tell the invisible, to bring to light what connects us in this damaged world, gives her the energy to question in each project how the conflicts and complex arrangements we make with the world are hidden in each of the artists and spectators. Her obsession with breaking down barriers between languages, roles and modes of experimentation makes Baro d’evel’s writing a quest for metaphysics in motion.

Photos: Josep Ros Ribas / François Passerini / Marta Gracia / Josep Ros Ribas / Blaï Mateu Trias