With Les Escapades, a graphic rumour spreads through the city and a strange universe gradually emerges as the hours go by. Over the course of one day, Baro d’evel invests the public space and creates singular choreographic and pictorial forms: signs and symbols appear and seem to indicate currents, like an inner logic. Carried by this ephemeral decor, the actors draw with their bodies and create a conversation in movement with this urban mythology that is written before our eyes.

It’s an outdoor journey to meet human or painted figures. The understanding of space gets reinvented according to each place to invite passers-by to become spectators. Baro d’evel’s troupe deploys itself in solo, duet or as a group to create forms that weave intimacy and exploit with a simple and refined composition. These forms answer one another and trace a poetic path in the heart of the city.   

Les Escapades

Directors: Blaï Mateu Trias et Camille Decourtye
Performing artists: Noëmie Bouissou, Claire Lamothe, Oriol Pla, Julian Sicard and Marti Soler
Musician: Nicolas Lafourest
General and stage management: Cédric Bréjoux
Sound management: Naïma Delmond or Rodolphe Moreira
Managing director / Promotion : Laurent Ballay
Production administrator: Caroline Mazeaud
Production manager: Pierre Compayré


PHOTOS: Christophe Raynaud de Lage, Loïc Jouanjan, Nans Kong Win Chang, Nans Kong Win Chang, C. Raynaud de Lage, B. Mateu Trias, F. Passerini, C. Raynaud de Lage, Blaï Mateu Trias, Arthur Bramao,  B. Mateu Trias, B. Mateu Trias, C. Raynaud de Lage.


PRODUCTION: Baro d’evel.
Creation in 2014 for Paris Quartier d’Été.

The company is is under financial agreement with Ministry of Culture and Communication – Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Occitania / Pyrenees – Mediterranean and the Region Occitania / Pyrenees – Mediterranean. It receives operational funding from the City of Toulouse.