Camille Decourtye and Blaï Mateu Trias met guitarist Nicolas Lafourest while creating Bestias. The quality of their musical collaboration led them to extend it, to explore together advanced musical tracks in the creation, to deepen an obvious complicity: the band La Cachette was born. A side project of Baro d’evel, it heads more towards a staged concert than a musical show.

What brings this trio together is the need for authenticity in the music. They seek to create soundscapes. The songs are meant to be bare, to emerge from a certain state, and the personalities of each artists bring the newborn emotion to the scene at the sounds of electric guitar, voice, harmonium and percussion.

The lockdown was an opportunity to write a new repertoire, and their latest creations carry the desire to venture into hybrid writing and to shape their research as an outlet in relation to our damaged era. They explore new musical universes through the founding practices of the company Baro d’evel: the engagement of the body, voice and rhythm, the work on matter and the transformation of spaces, for an encounter with the public in the present.

With Camille Decourtye, Nicolas Lafourest and Blaï Mateu Trias.
Sound management: Brice Marin

Production: Baro d’evel