Creator of Baro d’evel, Blaï Mateu Trias is the author and performer of all the company’s shows. Born in Barcelona, he grew up in the post-Franco Catalan artistic currents, with two clown parents. With Circ Cric, tours with Tortell Poltrona and expeditions with Clowns without border, he developed a taste for the crossroads of languages. He left at the age of 16 to train in the circus arts in France and then settled there. His encounter with a new culture opened his perception of the possible but also confirmed his attachment to his original influences: Catalonia, its architecture and painters, a political relationship with the clown and his benevolent view of the world, the generosity and audacity of the street arts. His sense of rhythm and space is the basis of his research work and his obsession with the musicality of movement generates singular choreographic writings. His visceral need to experiment with materials makes him design innovative performance spaces and has allowed him to question the forms of contemporary writing with Baro d’evel for 20 years.

Photos: Olivier Ramonteu, François Passerini, Alexandra Fleurantin, Arthur Bramao, François Passerini