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It is a research, a dive, a quest to their inner animal. It is starting off a search for a mystical or real horse, like a ceremony, a sort of rite, a research, like an obsession to release the body, to let it take the power.It is playing with the bodies as with sound boxes, playing with the bodies as with canvases, to enter the intimacy of the breathings of expirations. It is a path towards indigence, a constant search.It is being under a red rain, like in a cave, the matter transforms the space, overflows, squashes, is poured and then cleaned. It spills, glides over the bodies, reduces the movement and leaves marks, masks, clowns.


Authors and performing: Camille Decourtye and Blai Mateu Triassic
Collaborators: Benedict Bonnemaison-Fitte, Maria Muñoz – Pep Ramis / Mal Pelo
Light creation: Adele Grépinet
Sound creation: Fanny Thollot
Costumes design: Céline Sathal
Rhythm and music advice: Marc Miralta
Drops Engineer: Thomas Pachoud
Technical manager: Marc Boudier
Builder / Stage manager: Laurent Jacquin
Production and promotion: Marie Bataillon and Stéphanie Brun

PRODUCTION: Baro d’evel
COPRODUCTIONS: Pronomade(s) in Haute Garonne, National Street Arts Centre ; Mercat de les Flors de Barcelona ; “El Canal” Centre Arts escèniques de Salt-Girona ; La Verrerie d’Alès, national arts circus center in Languedoc-Roussillon and Montpellier Dance Festival 2012 ; Festival La Strada in Graz (Austria).

WITH SUPPORT FROM L’ Animal a L’esquena in Celrà and Scène nationale de Petit-Quevilly / Mont-Saint-Aignan.

WITH THE HELP OF the Ministry of Culture and Communication / Drac Midi-Pyrenees Regional Council of Midi-Pyrenees and the General Council of Haute-Garonne.